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58 Year Old Turkish Man Becomes The First Muslim To Swim Across The North Channel

Muslims do play a major role in the world scenario but are often overlooked by the main stream media. The media houses are keen on representing Muslims as old, backward and terror supporting community. But, the reverse condition is the truth.

Kamil Alsaran

Muslims are capable of doing everything and they also conquer the uncharted terrains like others. One such brave and daring Muslim is Kamil Alsaran, a Turkish swimmer, who is the first Muslim to swim across the North Channel as well as the oldest man to do so in the world.

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North Channel is considered as one of the seven most difficult routes which connect the Irish Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. 58 year old Kamil recently swam across it and became the first Muslim & Turkish to do so. He has already swim crossed the English Channel successfully in 2015 while becoming the first Turkish man to do it.

Kamil Alsaran took 13 hours and 55 minutes to complete his solo journey and swam around 35 Km before achieving this milestone.

The journey was not easy at all, he had to face many difficulties while swimming in the cold water. The water temperature was around 12C to 14C (53.6F to 57.2F). He had to swim among the deadly jelly fishes and other dangerous sea creatures.

As per Kamil Alsaran, he thought about his father, who died from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) last year, in the difficult times of his journey.

To increase his morale, his wife, son & friends accompanied him on a boat as he swam across the North Channel. Moreover, four of his friends also swam with him for the last 400m of the journey.

The North Channel swim is almost equal to the English Channel swim in distance but is more dangerous than the latter for two major reasons, first being, low temperature between (3C-5C) less than the temperature of English Channel and second, the dangerous Lions Jelly Fish which plagues the whole Channel and is very difficult to avoid.

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“Swimming across 35 kilometers, I’ve seen at least 200 or 300 jellyfish,” Alsaran said, noting that he tried his best to not touch them.

By the blessings of Allah and his prior experience in swimming, he managed to complete the journey and fulfill his desire.


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