The Holy Trinity Is False : Ex Christian Girl Who Reverted to Islam

Assalamualaikum. My name is Cristina, I’m from Colombia South America but I grew up in the US, I was raised in a Catholic home we weren’t the most strict or practicing Catholics. But we went to church on Sundays as much as we could, the times that I would be in church to me it was almost like they were speaking a different language because everything they said didn’t make sense, they were mostly reading out of the Bible, never teaching the religion in a form where people could understand it, So growing up I was always kind of confused about the whole idea.
I believed in God from an early age but the Trinity always confused me but growing up Catholic you kind of just took it. When I was in fifth grade I met my best friend and she was Muslim I don’t think I ever asked too many questions I would go to her house I would see them pray, I didn’t think much of it specially since I was so young it was normal to me seeing Islam, I didn’t really realize what is slam was because I guess I was way too young at the time but with the years we grew up and I met more Muslim friends through her and I was still surrounded by Islam but never asking many questions. By the time I was a freshman in high school I started attending a Christian youth group and they would have retreats every now and then and I would go to them and I thought it was becoming closer to God but still once again the Trinity never made sense to me so I left the youth group and I decided to call myself an atheist because at that point I was just confused by everything and any questions I would ask I didn’t get an answer.

 Cristina  with Her Muslim Husband

Everything was always sugarcoated and at time I was told not to question God’s way of things so that pushed me away from Christianity/Catholicism.
So around this time I had made a friend and he was Muslim and I started to like him so I wanted to know more about him and his faith so I started asking my girlfriends that were Muslim more about Islam so I started to go to the mosque with one of them and I learned about Islam pretty quickly, I feel like the basic fundamentals were already there from growing up around my best friend that was Muslim so it just took a few questions and a few answers for me to devote myself to a slam so before I knew it I was saying my shahada, I was 16 years old. Ever since my faith in my religion hasn’t changed or flipped around, it’s been steady and I’ve been happy with it and I’ve known that it’s the truth and I can’t ever see me changing my mind because I’ve accepted the truth and it’s been the most comfortable I’ve been my entire life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Alhamdulillah I’ve been Muslim for 6 years now.

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