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Meet the Singaporean Muslim Woman who Graduated In Islamic Studies at the Age of 67

Most of the people want to accomplish great things in life but are unable to do it because of excuses and they don’t want to work hard and as a result of it, they are unable to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves.

At the end, they use to complain the circumstances and their fate for their failures. But in reality, it’s our lack of dedication, devotion, persistence and perseverance that’s stopping us from achieving our dreams.  If you decide to put all your efforts, then you will easily get success.

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A Singaporean Muslim woman named Rokiah Omar, graduated in Islamic Studies at the age 67 and became probably the oldest women to graduate from the University.

She is a retired Parking Attendant having deep interests in learning about Islam.

“I didn’t want my age to be an obstacle to my learning”, Rokiah Omar told Singapore’s Sunday Times.  She got her first Diploma in the Arabic Language at the age of 40.

It was the childhood dream of Rokiah to study in Madrasah and learn more about Islam and acquire a degree in the Islamic Studies. According to her, “Her husband, three daughters and two grand children helped her to continue the education and she completed her education in a part time mode in around 11 years.”

Rokiah even wrote a thesis that examined the role of Muslim women in Singapore and she is highly impressed by Halimah Yacob and the family physician Ella Sabrina.

“I hope to be a role model for others to not give up and to pursue lifelong learning”, according to Rokiah Omar.

In Graduation party, she was the oldest among the 33 other graduates. The Senior Minister of State for Defense and Foreign Affairs praised her for her dedication  and efforts to learn about Islam as lifelong learning is one of the tenets of Islam.

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There are many people who never took it hard on themselves and killed their dreams and ambitions for the sake of society. Rokiah is inspiration for everyone of them.

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