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“Once Planned To Bomb A Mosque, Now A Muslim” The Inspiring Story Of Richard McKinney


Richard McKinney now Omar Saeed Ibn Mac

Allah guides whom He wills. Even the staunch enemy can turn into a pious devotee in moments. History is full of such stories where a man severely hated Islam but after spending time with Muslims or after listening to any Ayah of the Qur’an, converted himself to be a pious devotee of Islam.

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This is the story of a former Marine Sergeant who hated Islam, planned to blow up a mosque, but later reverted to Islam.

Richard Mac McKinney, now Omar Saaed Ibn Mac is a Ball state senior and President of Islamic Center in Moncie, Indiana, USA. His revert story is very different from others’. Others’ story begins from love toward Islam, his story begins with hate towards Islam. Yes, You read it right.

Richard is an Ex-Marine Sergeant who served in US army and was stationed in various Muslim countries throughout his career. He killed many Muslims during war and had teardrop tattoo for each confirm kill on his chest.

His time during & after the war made him mentally disturbed and he became alcoholic & started nurturing hate for Muslims in his mind. He hated Muslims so much that he wanted to kill them all.

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His hate grew to an extent that he literally planned to put a bomb at Islamic Center (mosque) in his town Moncie. He started planning to make his own IED (homemade bomb) which he estimated would kill around 200+ Muslims. He didn’t care about himself that it will land him up in jail. He preferred living in prison for the sake of his motherland.

But, Allah had something else for him. He once outburst in front of his young daughter against Muslims. He saw her daughter being upset when he saw that his anger and hate is impacting his daughter.

Although he was full of hate, he never wanted his daughter impacted by it. He didn’t want to pass on prejudice & hate to his daughters, he disliked any negativity in his daughter’s mind. He was aware that his attitude will surely impact his daughter and she will grow up instilling hate in her mind.

So, he decided to give the community he loathed “One more chance”. He visited the Islamic center in Monice, not with bombs but with questions. He started going to the mosque frequently, people there treated him nicely and gave him a copy of Qur’an to take home and read. His experience there was completely different to what he expected.

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He found peace and satisfaction among Muslims and just after 8 weeks after visiting the Mosque for the first time, he took Shahadah and formally converted to Islam. Later, he was chosen as the President of the same Islamic center/mosque which he planned to bomb. He renamed himself as ‘Omar Saeed Ibn Mac’.

Image : Facebook

Now, he is a devoted Muslim who leads other Muslims in prayers and is the President of the Islamic Center. His story is completely different than others and even more special. Hate is bound to relent in front of love. The love that Muslims in Moncie gave him, opened his mind.

His attitude only changed when he visited mosque where Muslims treated him nicely & approached him with love. If it was not the love of Muslims, then who knows he will end up blowing the mosque.

A similar story is there but with a twist where a Non-Muslim open fired at Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand and killed 51 of them. If only he had visited the mosque once keeping aside his hate, he would have been a Muslim cherishing with 51 others whom he killed.

Indeed, Allah guides who He wills. Omar Saeed is enough lucky that he chose love over hate and eventually ended up guided by Allah.

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