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Young Muslim Woman Physically Attacked In Ireland, Attackers Pulled Her Hijab Off & Pelted Eggs On Her

A very shocking and disturbing video is surfing over the internet where a young Muslim woman can be seen attacked by a gang of teenagers. The girl can be seen kicked to the ground, her hijab pulled off. The gang also pelted eggs upon her.

This incident is clearly inspired by hatred towards Muslims. The attackers who were mostly teenagers not only physically attacked her but also pulled her hijab off, forced her to the ground, kicked her and pelted eggs upon her. The victim can be seen crying in pain while the mavericks kept on kicking her.

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The unfortunate incident took place on Sunday afternoon at Dundrum village in Ireland. The video is shared by a girl on social media who claims to be the sister of the victim.

The Irish Police took note of the incident when the video went viral over the internet and started investigating  the matter. They are also searching for the attackers and gang members involved in it. The faces of the attackers are identifiable in the video and are going to be caught soon.

Fine Gael Minister, and local TD for the area, Josepha Madigan said she hopes the perpetrators of this crime are brought to justice swiftly.

She said: “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the assault on a Muslim girl who had her hijab taken from her in Dundrum village yesterday. I hope the perpetrators are brought to justice quickly.”

People and Human right organizations are condemning this heinous act and demanding justice for the victims on social media.


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