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Malaysian Government Planning Against Dr Zakir Naik To Revoke His Permanent Resident Status


Prominent Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik is in deep trouble now-a-days. The Malaysian government led by Mahathir Mohammad is planning to revoke the permanent residency of Dr Naik, accusing him of preaching hate and making racial remarks on country’s minority Hindu and Chinese population.

Dr. Zakir Naik, an Indian by birth had taken refuge in Malaysia after Indian government targeted him because of his speeches and lectures on comparative religion that he used to do to propagate Islam. Indian government accused him of preaching so called hate and inciting terrorism in the country, he was also accused of getting foreign funding through illegal ways.

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The Muslim majority nation with 60% Muslim population is known for its religious harmony and secular policies. Dr Naik, reportedly made comment on Malaysian Hindus, referring them more loyal to India than Malaysia. This comment enraged the Hindus and they demanded his detention.

7 Malaysian states have banned him from giving any public speech or holding any public gathering. Naik who was a celebrity Muslim few days ago in Malaysia has suddenly become nightmare for Malaysian government. The government has also ordered Police to investigate into his matter and take quick actions.

The police in turn has grilled him twice for around 10 hours and questioned him throughout over his remarks on Hindus of Malaysia.

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Later, Dr Naik issued a statement in which he apologized and also justified that his comments were misinterpreted. The matter of deportation is still under review but that there is huge pressure on Malaysian government to extradite him to India which has requested for his extradition earlier. Unfortunately, Dr Zakir Naik has been named as the ‘Most wanted person’ in India.

We pray Allah to grant him protection and safety. Aameen


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