“Islam Saved Me From A Life Of Drugs & Crimes”: Robbie Maestracci

Islam is not only a religion but it is an art of living planned by the creator himself. Allah is our creator and HE knows our flaws and demerits more than we know about ourselves.

When humans are lost in the evil trap of Shaytaan. Islam is calling out people to come to straight path and get out of deception of Shaytaan. In today’s story, We have Robbie Maestracci who was engulfed in all sort of evil but Allah emancipated him from evil and gave him Islam.

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Robert Maestracci was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1981 but moved to USA at the age of 7. His parents got separated when he was very young. His father ran hotels in Noumea & New Caledonia while his mother had some friends in USA, she got a job there and both him and his mother moved out to USA.

Robbie Maestracci

He lived between New York and New Jersey. While his mother remarried, he got to see a whole new world which he saw only in TV. He saw kids high on drugs and having all kind of immoral fun. He got fascinated by what he saw.

He grew up in Christianity and it was a part of his life while he grew. His mother always encouraged him to pray and attend Churches regularly. But he stopped attending Churches & prayers as soon as he grew enough.

At the age of 16, both mother and son returned to Australia. He was told that they were on a vacation but it was a one way journey. Actually, he was heavily influenced by those young kids who were high on drugs as much as that he joined them and became like them. His mother was terrified by his wrong habits and bad company so she took him back to Australia.

Robbie went into depression because he missed his friends and their company. He tried to attend school but within 6 months dropped out.

He started working as door to door salesman but later found job in a bank. During all these life events he was doing drugs in the background. Partying on weekends was like a lifeline for him. He use to have fun while partying all night. He was clearly immersed in drugs and immorality.

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To make things worse, he married at the age of 22 & did drugs throughout his marriage. His addiction to drugs grew & grew to a level that his marriage failed badly and both of them ended up.

He turned up towards drugs and crime. Like a completely lost human being, he almost did all the crimes related to drugs. Like most of the drug addicts he started realizing that he is not living a good life and he is not happy with himself.

In 2007, he went jail for 10 months for drugs related offences. He described that period in Jail good for him. He made his life so chaotic & mess that he started liking his prison life. But, he knew that prison is not a good destination to reach and worst of a life goal.

He returned to his old life as soon as he got released. But this time everything was about to change for him. Read the remaining portion of his story in his own words:

“But somewhere along the way, doing all these bad things, I became more interested in my spiritual self – who I was as a person and my character. I realized I had become the worst version of myself.

I started changing old habits, being honest with myself and other people. I started going to a Baptist church down on the Gold Coast and got involved in feeding needy people in the area. We’d cook up a lunch on Thursdays. Doing things like that made me realize that it wasn’t that hard to change – I could change.

It felt good to surround myself with nice religious people who were doing good things, as opposed to [the] people [I knew] with no religion who were doing really bad things to each other – selling drugs, or harming each other for drugs or money. It was light compared to total darkness.

I believed in God but theologically I didn’t feel satisfied with Christianity. In the back of my mind, I’d always wanted to read the Koran and to go to a mosque. One day, when I was having a really bad day, I felt like I needed to reach out to someone. I found a phone number for a cab driver named Mohammed who I’d met a couple of weeks earlier.

I called him and asked if I could go to the mosque with him. He asked me why, and I said, ‘Look, I need guidance, I need help’, so he picked me up and took me there that evening. And that was it. I spoke with one of the imams and I watched the brothers pray and had this total feeling of serenity within myself. It was that feeling of coming home, of belonging.

I gave my Shahādah, the testament of faith, that night, and everything changed. I no longer had this desire to use drugs, and I’ve been clean now for five years. It changed my entire life. It gave me the means and the rules and the path to follow to achieve what I’d set out to achieve a year before I converted, which was to strive to become the best version of myself. When you’re doing that on your own with no rules to follow, it can be a tough process.

Part of the appeal of Islam was the strength of character of the Muslim people that I’d met. The fact that they didn’t use drugs and drink at all was something that really appealed to me. It was the polar opposite of how I’d been living my life and seemed to require such strength of character. As a young man, I was always drawn towards strength.

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It was not just a good system [for me] to follow. I agree with all the theology – I do believe that the Koran is the last Book of Revelations. I now have a renewed interest in the Bible and the books that came before it because, from our point of view, I know that there is truth in these documents, whereas before, as a loose Christian, I don’t know that I had any belief in them at all.

I’d say 99 per cent of the people in my life were supportive and happy. No one thought I could change. Whether they agree with the theology or not, they are certainly happy with the results it had in my life.

Three months after I converted my mum converted as well. She has been a massive supporter of anything positive I do in my life but in this instance, she also believes as I believe, and therefore she practices as I do.

Four years ago, I moved from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. Slacks Creek is my local mosque but I used to spend a lot of time at the mosque at Holland Park. I learnt a lot from the imam there. It’s the same as most mosques, everyone’s supportive of each other and friendly.”


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