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Islam Fastest Growing Religion In Britain



According to a recent census, Islam is the fastest growing religion in Britain and Wales.

The census generally measures religious identifications of the people and not beliefs or practices. It has taken into account the way people identified themselves.

“Religion is different to define and difficult to measure”, Nick Spencer, research director at theology, Theos , told the Daily Mail.

Among the British people, 33.2 millions claimed to be Christians as compared to the 37.3 millions back in the year 2001. And surprisingly, this 33.2 million people made up just 59 percent of the total population in Britain.

Further, the census puts the total population of England and Wales at 56.1 million, a seven percent increase from 2001. And in the case of population increase, 55 percent increase is due to migration.

The proportion of Muslim population rose from  3 percent to 4.8 percent becoming the fastest growing religion in Britain. In the year 2001, the British Muslims were around 2.5 millions in population.

There are more than 47000 churches in Britain and out of 42 million Britons more than 70 percent of the population consider themselves to be Christians. But the number of actual believing and practicing Christians is much lower than that and number of those leading their lives with no reference is much higher.

Further, in a study revealed in 2005, the British based asscociation Christian Research expected the number of Christians attending Sunday Service to fall by two thirds over the next three decades.

The Study, The Future of The Church predicted that the total membership of all the Christian denominations to fall from 9.4 percent of the population to only 5 percent by 2040.  The study also expected that the poor attendance will force some 18000 churches to close.


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