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From Hinduism to Islam – The Inspiring Story Of Aai’sha

Allah guides whom He wills. Allah revealed Qur’an to Prophet (PBUH) to destroy the darkness of ignorance, idolatry and faithlessness. 1400 years after the revelation of Qur’an, Humans are still busy in idolatry and ignorance. But, there are few who left idolatry and held Allah.

Today, we bring you an interview of a sister who was idolatress but now she is a Muslimah and she is proud of being the one who has been guided by Allah.

Read the interview of Mousumi who reverted to Islam and shares her story:

Assalamu Alaikum. Tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from? How old are you? What do you do? When did you decide to convert to Islam?

Walekum Assalam! I am revert Muslim, born and brought up in a Hindu Brahmin family. I am from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I am 25+. I am a teacher. Hidayah came to me on 2012, I decided to convert to Islam back in 2013 and I started my practice back in 2017 for example praying, though I used to fast from 2013.

What was your religion prior to Islam? How did you feel in previous religion?

My religion was Hinduism. I got a lot of idols to pray but not a true God to talk with. There was everything in my previous religion but the faith was lacking.

What were your views about Islam, means how you perceived Islam prior to reverting and what are your views now?

It was clearly the Hidayah that came to me AlhamduLillah. I didn’t take my decision in hurry or under any pressure or even situational wisdom. I basically got to know that “Islam is the only way to success”.

My views are very clear now, I found my goal. A religion that tell you to strive but not to fight, a religion that teaches you peace but not any kind of violence including those of religious practices… That’s the only one way of reaching the ultimate destination, which is nothing but Jannah and most importantly, through Islam I understand the purpose of life and existence AlhamduLillah.

Who introduced you to Islam? What was it that finally made you decide to revert?

The behavior & approach of one of my high school Muslim friend who was highly inspired by his religion attracted me towards him and drew me towards his religion.

The Hidayah from Allah Azzwajal and yes that one statement from him that “Islam is the only way to success”. I was quarrelling with my thoughts and came to the conclusion that his words were very true. I realized what he said and why he said.

Did you have anything that you particularly struggled with in your journey to Islam?

Yes, there’s. Initially l received too much humiliation from specific members of family and shocking reactions from my friends too, because according to them, I did all because of the influence of that guy or for getting married with him. No wonder, I wanted to marry him and till today I want same because I know I will be the luckiest girl on Earth if I will get him as my better half, my husband. But the reason for my conservation was not intending to marry him or to please him But Allah.

Later, while practicing Islam, I had to do it all in secret, so that my family don’t know anything about it. Much later, when I was in regular practice of prayer, I got hindrance from my parents and neighbors too. Last year, I participated in a rally which was against the “triple-talaaq-bill” of central government. Anyhow my family members got my pictures and I had to leave my home, I shifted to our home where mother lived. Actually I brought up in my Granny’s house. There also after few months, when I started fasting and became regular with my prayers, I was attacked verbally by my own mother. I left my mother’s house in the middle of Ramadan while fasting and again shifted to my Granny’s house. My prayers were irregular. I could only pray sometimes. Then by the will of Allah, AlhamduLillah, I again started praying since a week before  Ramadan.


Was there any immediate factor which led you to Islam? If any, then please mention.

Not really, because I believe great things take time. But yes that statement of my friend Rashid that “Islam is the only way to success” really left a very deep impact on my mind.

How & When did you take Shahadah and Where?

I was the one who felt for the fact that Allah is the only creator, Prophet Muhammad Saw is his Messenger. I once asked Rashid that when I greet people in Islamic way, they think I am Muslim. Is this right for me or am I mischieving them. He replied one who firmly believes that Allah is one and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His Messenger, is a Muslim. Now you know better you are mischieving them or not.  I started questioning myself. Honestly I was not in the state of faith that time but it strike my mind. The belief that Islam is the best way but that it is not the only way. That was something that became my question and I started finding the answer.

When it comes to Shahadah then, many times I heard about it but didn’t really took it though recited it many times by my own with firm belief.

Then last year, my female friend Najmun, a friend from my college days, who was later teacher or guide to Islam after Rashid, helped me to take Shahadah through herself on September 20. I started practicing Islam many years back so she told me many times to take it as your practices are may be on count as good deed but not obligatory to you until you take Shahadah.

I took my Shahadah in her home not in any mosque.

What was your family’s response? Do you live with them or parted ways?

My family’s response was never in my favour but AlhamduLillah they were never harmful to me, they never supported me but didn’t really oppose. With or without their will I used to practice Islam in front of them in their home till today.

No, I am still with them. Today I understand the meaning of “Surah Al Kaafiroon” which clearly says to the disbelievers that “To you is your religion and to me is my religion”.

Did you ever suffer any sort of Islamophobia? If yes, then share your experience and how did you tackle it?

No, never

How do you feel now?

I feel like a queen after becoming a slave of Allah. When I feel that only Allah has power over me, I feel free. AlhamduLillah, for this amazing feeling.

I am an Indian revert Muslim. Conversion from Hinduism to Islam in a Hindu society is not appreciable at all but I don’t care as I know no one can help or harm me except the will of Allah.


Any special Eid moment or something special happened to you in Islam that you want to share with us?

Every Eid is special to me as a Muslim. In my initial days of practice, I used to fast in my school friend’s house then it became my college friend’s home. Finally it became my house. I now celebrate Eid with my family members as well as my friends AlhamduLillah. In this Eid only, my mother and I wished each other on the day of Eid-Ul-Fitr, my mother cooked sewaiyaan (Sweet Dish) for celebrating Eid. I am praying for the Hidayah of my parents and of my Granny.

What are your future plans?

I am all set to change my first name officially from Mousumi to Aai’sha as soon as possible. In Shaa Allah in 2020. Then I want get married to a Muslim guy who will guide me further to the straight path and give me space to practice.

Of course all these things, I want do with the will of my family or after convincing them as much as possible but not by hurting them or their feelings at all. As they allowed me to practice Islam under the same roof with them.

Our last question, Any advice that you want to give other Muslims & Non – Muslims about Islam?

I pray to Allah for the guidance of unguided so that they may accept the faith and for the blessing of guided to continue their faith.

My advice to born Muslims is only one that, 1400 years ago, my Prophet (PBUH) suffered a lot for the spread of Islam as Islam was not in practice. So, be thankful to Allah that you have got family with an Islamic background, and practice Islam sincerely. And for non-Muslim, my advice is to try to know Islam or Muslims before criticizing the religion or the people. Know a religion from the scripture or from it’s scholars but not from media or from others who even don’t belong to it or even from the one who belongs only to have the name of a Muslim i,e; he or she is in Islam but Islam is no more in them.



We will bring more interviews about brothers & sisters who got the guidance and chose right path. InshaAllah. Stay tuned to us.


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