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“Follow Islam, Not Muslims” : Ex-Christian Who Reverted To Islam

Many of us feel blessed when we think about Non-Muslims & their religion. Allah not only created us but also gave us the blessings of Islam but there are few Muslims who had to work hard to be a Muslim. This wasn’t easy for them. Yet, Allah made it easy for them and they entered the fold of Islam. Read one such interview of an American brother who reverted to Islam recently.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself? What do you do? When did you decide to convert to Islam?

I am 34 and living in United States. I work at a beef plant in shipping. I converted in November 2016.

2. What was your religion prior to Islam? How did you feel in previous religion?

Christianity. I felt fine, but I didn’t know everything the Bible said.

3. What were your views about Islam, means how you perceived Islam prior to Islam and what are your views now?

I at sometimes felt Islam (الإسلام) was full of bad people watching the Middle East in constant turmoil on the news. Now, knowing the true Islam (الإسلام) and what true Muslims (مسلمين) should be like and how true Muslims (مسلمين) should carry themselves there is a huge difference and true Muslims (مسلمين) should be fair to everyone and always be nice and never killing or causing problems.

4. What drew you towards Islam? Who introduced you to Islam? What was it that finally made you decide to revert?

The rules of Islam (الإسلام). Some co-workers, Fateh (فاتح) Amin (امين), Jahed and Zelgai Nabiyar, my now wife and Hamza Saif. The rules and even the similarities Islam (الإسلام) has with Christianity because it made Islam (الإسلام) easier to adapt to.

5. Did you have anything that you particularly struggled with in your journey to Islam?

Not really, apart from the negative news and views on Islam (الإسلام)

6. How & When did you take Shahadah and Where?

At work with Hamza Saif in November 2016

8. What was your family’s response? Do you live with them or parted ways?

They don’t understand Islam (الإسلام) so it wasn’t always easy. I live with my family

9. Did you ever suffer any sort of Islamophobia? If yes, then share your experience and how did you tackle it?

No! I never talk about religion at work or in public because everyone’s religion is a personal matter in my opinion.

10. How do you feel now? How is feels to be a Muslim in a western country?

It feels fine because my country doesn’t oppress me for my religion.

12. What are your future plans?

To remain on the straight path and learn more about Islam (الإسلام)

13. Few advices that you want to give other Muslims & Non – Muslims about Islam?

Islam (الإسلام) is not bad, but the Muslims (مسلمين) who “follow” Islam (الإسلام) do not always portray it as it should be. Follow the religion and not fellow Muslims (مسلمين).


We will bring more interviews about brothers & sisters who got the guidance and chose right path. InshaAllah. Stay tuned to us.

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