Defender of Qur’an Ilyas

The man who jumped of the fence and saved the Holy Quran from burning, in the anti-islam protest in Norway, have won millions of hearts, now being regarded as the defender of Allah’s Islam.
The boldness and courage of this hero who is called to be Ilyas and attacked a protestor that was burning Holy Quran in front of hundreds of people in Norway; is widely appreciated.
Ilyas is now a social media sensation, and users are regarding him as the hero and one of the greatest defenders of Islam in modern times.
Desecration of the holy Quran in the largely Muslim-populated area of Kristiansand by a Norwegian far-right group sparked outrage and condemnation by Muslim nations.
We condemn the cowardice act of the Norway against Islam.
May Allah Bless Brother Ilyas for his bravery.

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