Chinese Muslim Cycled 8150 Km From Xinjiang To Mecca For Hajj

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Allah made Hajj obligatory for all able Muslims. It is mandatory duty of every Muslim. We have been writing about those Muslims who undertook this journey differently and uniquely. In modern technological days, people fly in airplanes, travel through cars & buses and reach their destination in little or no time.

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But yet there are few who choose the traditional way of reaching Mecca by walking or pedaling. They say the more you take hardship on the path of Allah, the more reward you’ll get. Believing on this idea of earning rewards, a Chinese Muslim from Xinjiang pedaled 8,150 Km to Mecca, so that he can earn greater rewards.

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Muhammad, the Hajj pilgrim started his journey back in 2016, and traveled 8,150 Km in just four months reaching Mecca in August 2016.

Before reaching Mecca, he stayed at Taif where a local cycle club welcomed him as reported by gulfnews. They full heartedly welcomed him and few of the local cyclists even joined him from Taif to Mecca accompanying him in the short journey. Even the common people welcomed him and greeted him wholeheartedly in Taif when they knew his adventurous story.

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Muhammad reportedly has crossed 4 countries before reaching Saudi Arabia. He crossed Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq to reach Saudi Arabia. He had to go through the war torn Iraq, where it was bombing everywhere.  However, there is very little information about him but whatever information is there. It is sufficient for any Muslim to get inspired by.

This isn’t the first time someone has cycled their way to performing hajj but this is definitely an inspiring one. So many cyclists took this adventurous journey after him such as Kenyans who bicycled 3500 km, Indian duo who also bicycled to Mecca and 8 British cyclists who cycled from London to Mecca.

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China is persecuting and exploiting the Uyghur Muslim population in Xinjiang and forcing them to denounce Islam. They even prohibited Hajj travel for the Uyghur Muslims. Watching a Chinese Muslim arriving from Xinjiang shows how strong determined Muslims are in China. Defying all atrocities, fascist law he reached to the blessed house.


May Allah reward him and accept his Hajj. Aameen


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