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British Man Wanted To Kill Muslims, Ended Up Becoming A Muslim

Human beings are created from clay and are given hundreds of emotions by Allah. Aggression is one such emotion which is given by Allah to Humans to test their ability to control and strive in the path of Allah.

Disbelievers heavily used it against Muslims in the early phase of Islam. Many arrogants became Muslim while many died as disbelievers. It is Allah who guides people to straight path.

Ibrahim Killington

Ibrahim Killington is one such man whose heart was transformed by Allah. He was full of hatred, prejudices and aggressiveness towards Muslims. His hate was so strong that he wanted to kill all the Muslims. But, at last he himself reverted to Islam and became a devout Muslim.

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Ibrahim is a British man from Wymondham, Norfolk, UK. He grew up in a surrounding where partying, taking drugs, drinking, having fun etc were a major part of his life. His life was hectic, messy and revolved around all sorts of immorality. He hanged around with people like him and was completely unaware of Islam and its teachings.

A major turn took place in his life after 9/11. He was very young at that time and was unaware of all the politics involved in it. The media portrayed Islam and Muslims as villain on a massive scale.

He began developing hate in his heart towards Muslims. He blindly followed media and assumed whatever media told about Muslims as truth.

As the war expanded, his hate expanded too. He applied thrice to join the army so that he may kill Muslims and serve his motherland. He was keen on killing every Muslim whom he saw as a threat to humanity.

Allah had greater plans for him. While, he was applying in the army for the third time, his mind started expanding and his knowledge about Islam grew. He used to hear American radio station where they used to talk about Muslims and life of Holy Prophet (PBUH). They used to vilify Prophet (PBUH) and twist his teachings.

He began questioning himself that how come billions of people following a Prophet (PBUH) with so much negative in him. They aren’t fool and there is something else of which he is unaware.

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He got the answers very soon. He was in search of peace, spirituality and tranquility then. He tried Paganism, Norse mythology but didn’t found his peace. At last he met a Muslim man on internet who broke all his misconceptions and prejudices about Muslims.

Prior to that Ibrahim, only knew that Muslims wear turban, throw bombs and call for killing Non-Muslims. After his meeting with the Muslim he came to know about how Muslims actually lives.

He started reading Qur’an and gradually, all his hatred washed off. He became fearful on reading the Ayahs related to punishments of disbelievers.

He started going mosques and began sitting with Muslims. Soon, Hidayah came to him and he reverted to Islam. Her mother became upset when she knew her son is attending mosques instead of Churches. Anyhow, with grief in heart she accepted it.

Ibrahim says, “A lot of people say that when they found Islam, it is as if they’ve come home. And that’s the feeling I get. Me in the past wasn’t me at all, I was being controlled by something else. Only good things have happened since I’ve become Muslim.

If I was going to give advice to someone else who is thinking about Islam, I’d definitely tell them to come to the mosque and speak to a man of knowledge. Do not search the Internet for the answers.

There are some good things on the Internet, but when you don’t know anything about Islam, you can’t judge what is right and what is wrong. So it’s much better to speak to someone.

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Spend time with Muslims. I spent many weeks in their company, and you get an understanding of who they are and what kind of quality of people they are.

Don’t be afraid of what your family think; I’ve had many people and myself as well I was worried about what my parents would think, but at the end of the day Islam is for you, and you should hope the best for your parents will come afterwards.

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