British Ambassador To Saudi Arabia Reverted To Islam


Allah guides whom He wills. The powers of Allah are beyond the imagination of humans.  Allah has created us and knows us better than ourselves. He knows what is good for us and what is bad for us.

We destroy ourselves day and night yet He guides us and blesses us. This is the story of a senior British diplomat, the British ambassador to Saudi Arabia who responded to truth and reverted to Islam.

British envoy to KSA Simon Collins reverted to Islam and performed the first Hajj to Mecca ever performed by a senior UK diplomat. The news about his reversion became public when his pictures were posted on twitter. He alongwith his wife can be seen wearing the traditional white garments or Ihram in front of the British consulate in Mecca.

Till then, it was ambiguous whether he reverted or not. Later he confirmed the news on twitter and wrote, “God bless you. In brief, I converted to Islam after 30 years of living in Muslim societies before marrying Huda (his wife).”

The British envoy got a wave of congratulatory messages and tweets from Muslims across the globe wishing him success and blessings of Allah. Many people started calling Mr. Collins as “Haji Simons”, a salutation to all those who perform Hajj.

The fluent Arabic speaker Collins spent most of his life among Muslims. He reverted to Islam way early in 2011 shortly before marrying his Syrian wife. His reversion was known to only bunch of diplomats, it was not public knowledge in Riyadh.

While Mr. Collins welcomed most of the congratulatory messages on twitter, he declined interviews about his faith.

Simon Collins is the first British ambassador to carry out the Hajj pilgrimage although other ambassadors are thought to have reverted to Islam in the past.

He had been British ambassador to various nations prior to be appointed as British envoy in Saudi Arabia. He served in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and other GCC countries.


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