8 Reasons Why Erdogan Is The Greatest Muslim Leader Of Our Time

The once powerful Ottoman Empire got dismantled after the World War I, the western powers made sure that no remains of the Muslim empire remains. Kemal Ataturk, took over power in the new state of Turkey exerted all his efforts to make Turkey a secular country. He banned religious schools, clothing, changed the Arabic script into Latin. He introduced multiple secular laws and even tried to change Arabic azaan into Turkish.

Long after Ataturk, the Turkish society remained secular as it was introduced by him. Many Islamic parties tried to bring back Islamic ruling back but failed. The revolution arrived only after Justice & Development Party won and came into power. Recep Tyep Erdogan assumed the role of President and promised to take Turkey back in old days where Islam was a major factor in people’s life.

He not only promised this but tried his best to bring it back and he is still working hard on it. In this post we will know how he became the greatest Muslim leader of our time.

Placed Restrictions on Sale & Advertisement of Alcohol

Justice and Development Party passed bills banning the advertisement of alcohol within 100 meter of schools or mosques. The law also forced the advertisers to blur out depictions of alcohol in movies and on TV. The sale of alcohol is banned in gas stations, schools, universities, health institutions and sports clubs.

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Alcohol consumption is a major sin in Islam. This decision was welcomed by every Muslim thus establishing him as an influential Muslim leader.

He constructed thousands of mosque in Turkey

American newspaper ‘The Atlantic’ reported that Erdogan’s government built 17,000 new mosques between 2002 to 2013. A lot more are under construction. He renovated multiple mosques and also take care of mosques regularly.

Helped Syrian Refugees More Than Any Other Muslim Leader

Turkey under leadership of Erdogan helped Syrians extensively. Infact, Turkey holds the largest refugee population of the world, most of which are Syrians. Thousands of camps are in operation since the dawn of Syrian civil war.

While other Muslim countries are doing nominal or no help, Turkey’s great help can never be ignored. This peace gesture makes Erdogan different from our world leaders.

Expanded Islamic banking networks

Erdogan always called the traditional banking system ‘cruel’ and praised Islamic banking.

“If we are to jump forward we need to grow within a real participation system rather than this cruel one. Islamic financing is a completely different system from the current banking system in terms of its asset-backed structure, its reliance on risk share and its structure closed to speculation. I believe that this system will be the driving force behind the Turkish economy.”

Introduced compulsory Islamic education in Turkish schools

Students are the future of a nation. They will become what they are taught. Turkey suffered a huge loss in this matter. Turkish generations were given secular knowledge and they became what they have been taught. Today’s Turkish culture depicts it clearly.

To tackle this and build a strong future generation based on religious values, Erdogan introduced compulsory Islamic education in Turkish schools.

Uplifted the ban imposed on Hijab

Under previous governments Turkish women were not allowed to wear Hijab. It was banned in in state run institutions like schools, universities, courts, parliament, etc.

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Erdogan’s government lifted the ban and now women are allowed to wear Hijab everywhere. For the first time in Turkey’s history a female judge conducted a trial while wearing her Hijab. In August 2015, Aysen Gurcan became the first Hijab-wearing government minister.

Always raised his voice in support of Palestinians

Erdogan is one of the few leaders who spoke against the atrocities and illegal occupation of Israel. He criticized Israel and its policies on global stages and always lend his voice to raise the voice of Muslims who are suffering anywhere on the planet.

He also helped Rohingya Muslims and raised concern for their safety.

People see glorious Ottoman Empire in his governance

The major reason behind the popularity of Erdogan is that people see future hopes of Ottoman Empire in him. People want to see Muslim glory back and they see hope in him.

His policies, ideologies & style of governance is based on Ottoman’s glorious past.


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