65 Year Old Muslim Hero Stopped Terrorist From Mass Shooting in Norway


Heroic Muslim aged 65 stopped heavily armed white terrorist at Al Noor mosque in Norway. He jumped in front of the heavily armed attacker and managed to force him against the floor and prevented a deadly massacre saving the lives of other Muslims.

The old man recognized as Mohammad Rafiq is a Pakistani retired air force officer who was present there when the attacker entered the mosque to kill Muslims. The 21 year old attacker named Philip Manshaus began shooting at the doors & windows of the Al Noor Mosque in Oslo, Norway after that he hurried towards the place where Muslims were attending Asr (Evening) prayer.


He was fully loaded with two fully loaded gun and a hand pistol. He also wore a body armor. His intentions were to repeat the Christchurch attack, happened this year in New Zealand where the attacker killed 51 Muslims. It was also said in media reports that he was inspired by prior attacks on Muslim at different places including Christchurch.

However, he failed badly in his mission when our 65 year old hero Rafiq risked his life and ran towards him pulling him down against the floor preventing any casualty. Rafiq managed to pull him down to the floor until other came to his aid. Rafiq also got injured while stopping him and is currently under medical surveillance.

After this incident, his bravery went viral over the internet. Muslims & Non-Muslims all around the world started praising him and his bravery. His efforts & bravery and willingness to risk his life to the save the life of other Muslims. He got very positive coverage from the western media as well.

This incident brought shock for almost everyone because Norway is considered as the safest place on the planet. Norwegian people are also very friendly and peace loving. This incident happened just one day before Eid Al-Adha.

The attacker is also accused of killing his sister prior the attack. He was heavily inspired by the far right parties and white supremacist agenda.

Our hero deserves a medal for his bravery. The medal of love, honor and appreciation. We pray Allah for his fast recovery and his long life.

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