65 Year Old Moroccan Muslim Cycled 12 countries & Covered 8000 Km to Perform Hajj

Image : Daily Sabah

As the days of Hajj are approaching the number of Muslims from all around the world in Mecca is also increasing. Each Muslim suffered and traveled a lot to reach Mecca in his own way. Some flew in plane while some took car. And there are few who took cycle to reach Mecca. This is the amazing story of one such cyclist.

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Karim Mosta, 65 year old Moroccan athlete has almost completed his journey from Casablanca to Mecca to perform Hajj on bicycle. He cycled more than 8000 Km (4,968 miles), covered 12 countries and 3 continents before arriving Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.

Karim is a professional athlete who has participated in around 165 competitions, winning Ultra-marathon World Cup in 1994-1995. He also participated in Morocco’s challenging Marathon Des Sables 29 times, winning the competition once with his team.

Apart from sports, Mosta is also a travel & adventure freak. He decided to perform Hajj uniquely and embarked on his journey from Casablanca to Mecca on a bicycle.

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He started his journey on 4 May and cycled through 3 continents namely Africa, Europe and Asia. He crossed Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan & finally reached Saudi Arabia. He cycled for more than 8000 km/4,968 miles.

Karim used to cycle 100 Km each day waking up at 5 am everyday and cycling all day. The journey took him 120 days. Karim Mosta had four reasons to go on this journey:

  1. Obviously, to perform Hajj and fulfill his religious duty.
  2. To have the golden opportunity to see 12 countries and experience their cultures and traditions.
  3. Inspire others to go beyond their abilities and encourage them to do better.
  4. And to raise fund for two orphan children in Morocco which is obviously a noble cause.

Karim Mosta had to carry a lot of weight during his journey. He himself was weighing 63 Kg on top of a 17 Kg bike with 25 kg of equipments. He used to stay at hotels & rented rooms in Balkans & Turkey.

Karim did a lot of preparations before embarking on the journey. He updates his daily travel on his facebook page and his daily travels also airs on radio channels in two languages Arabic and French. He publishes tips about security, food and his cycling routes on the radio channels. However he doesn’t do it for any commercial gain and doesn’t promote any hotels or anything.

Karim Mosta has almost completed his 4 month long journey and will join millions of Muslims in Hajj very soon.

Karim Mosta’s travel is not unique but it is very adventurous and inspiring. Despite all the odds and age barrier he managed to complete his journey.

Earlier, 8 British Muslim cyclists reached Mecca to perfrom Hajj and 4 Kenyans also completed their journey to perform Hajj on bicycle. Few years ago, a Chinese Muslim from Xinjiang also cycled for 8,150 Km to reach Mecca.

May Allah accept his Hajj and help him in raising fund for the two orphan children. Aameen


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