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10 Lessons Every Muslim Should Learn From The Life Of Muslim Superstar Khabib Nurmagomedov

In today’s world, the name Khabib Nurmagomedov needs no introduction. With the recent win against Dustin Poirer, he not only defended his UFC Lightweight Champion title but also solidified his position in the world of MMA & UFC as undefeatable.

Khabib came into limelight when he smacked down the arrogant Irish fighter Connor McGregor in 2018. With 28 wins and no losses, he holds the longest undefeated streak in MMA history. He is #2 in the official UFC pound-for-pound rankings.

Nurmagomedov is the first Muslim to win a UFC title. Apart from his professional achievements he showed the world his true identity, an identity of being Muslim which probably no sportsperson has shown before.

Khabib gained the appreciation of Muslims around the globe for his strong belief in Allah and Islam. Unlike others, he proudly and openly presented him as Allah fearing Muslim but also warned others that any attack on his religion will lead them into trouble.

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There is so much to learn from his life for both this world and hereafter. Although he is inspiration for every Muslim living in this world but our youth should draw more and more inspiration from his life.

Today, We Bring 10 Lessons from His Life For Muslim Youth To Learn And Implement Upon.

Put Allah First, Allah will Keep You First

The foremost lesson is to keep Allah first in your life, in turn Allah will keep your first in this world and in Aakhirah. Khabib always keep Allah and His orders first.

Khabib a devout Muslim, refused to fight in UFC 200 because of Ramadan. He preferred Ramadan over fighting and devoted his time to prayer and fasting with little training. He didn’t care about his career when it came for his religion. We must put Allah and Islam first and in turn Allah will keep us first.

Always Feel Proud To Be A Muslim


Being a Muslim is a great blessing from Allah. Every Muslim should be thankful to Allah, yet there are some Muslims who feel shy to be a Muslim and don’t proclaim it in public.

Khabib, A global superstar, never hesitates to proclaim his faith in public. You must have seen him praising and thanking Allah in public. He is very much proud of his religion so should we. We should never ever think of ourselves as inferior rather we are the people of the most honored Prophet (PBUH).

Success In This World And Aakhirah Can Go Hand In Hand

Many of us think that worldly success can’t be achieved while carrying religion and vice versa. But the Khabib completely discards this theory. You can become a global success while being a devout Muslim.

Khabib is the the undefeated champion in the world of UFC & MMA, Yet he pray five times a day, fasts in Ramadan and praise Allah for everything.

Don’t ever say that you can’t be successful in this world while being a devout Muslim.

Don’t Forget To Say ‘Alhamdulillah’

All praise belongs to Allah, is the affirmation of the fact that you thank Allah and praise him. When you’ll listen to Khabib, he always says it, not for the namesake but by affirming it from his heart.

It gives confidence, a feeling of thankfulness and has multiple benefits. So, start saying it today for every step and breath you take. Indeed, to Allah we belong and to Him is our return.

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Be Humble, Put Your Trust In Allah

Humbleness is the greatest blessing from Allah. If you are humble, things will become easy for you. Allah likes the one who is humble and dislikes the arrogant.

Connor McGregor, an arrogant human was smacked down by a humble Muslim, Khabib. Moreover, Khabib won millions of dollars after the match but when you’ll see his life, you’ll find it simple and humble. Look at the lavish life of Connor, the arrogant, you will see the difference.

Always put your trust in Allah like Khabib does. Admit the fact, you cannot take a single step without Allah. Success comes from Allah, so keep your trust in Allah.

Always Avoid Trash Talking

Always avoid trash talking. It is the thing which will humiliate you at the end. Be calm and gentle. Real men never waste their time in trash talking rather they prove themselves in the work field.

Allah dislikes the one who talk trash and noble Prophet (PBUH) instructed us to remain silent. McGregor talked all the trash and was humiliated at the end while Khabib remained silent and smacked him.

Don’t Let Money & Fame Control You

Money and fame are the trials created by Allah to test humans. Don’t fall in the temptation of money & fame, Satan will try to control you by these but rather tame them by your faith.

Khabib has millions and millions of dollar, yet his life is simple and stable, no lavish spending and luxury. Khabib has more than 9 million followers but he never does any publicity stunt to gain fame.

His distance from the temptations from money and fame brings him the real blessings from Allah.

Perform Salah On Time, Avoid Skipping It

Allah has ordered Muslim to pray five times a day. So, always perform Salah on time and don’t skip it at all.

Our hero, Khabib is a man who never misses his Salah. He is busier than most of us, yet he has time to connect with his creator. He is a true inspiration for all those who bring excuses for not praying. Go, get up, talk to your Lord, praise him, ask from him.

Family = Priority

It is one of the best lessons we can learn from the life of Khabib Nurmagomedov. We all have family; father, mother, brother and sisters. How much time do we give them?

Learn from Khabib, a quite busy personality, he always gives priority to his family. If you follow him on social media, then you know it very well.

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Islam always teaches us to maintain a good and healthy relation with family and relatives. None can deny the great status of mothers in Islam. Parents and family is a blessing, never let it go.

Use Every Opportunity To Glorify Islam

Muslims are in tough time, western media has managed to damage the identity of Muslims. They vilify Islam through their stages/platforms. We should utilize each stage, each opportunity to bring out the real meaning of Islam, to glorify it.

Khabib, always uses his fame and reputation for bringing out the real image of Islam and Muslims. He frankly speaks it on channels, press conferences. He is the real man unlike other Muslim celebrities who fear that they may loose fans.

Be Like Khabib!

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